All Inclusive
Management and Development



Our core values are personified by one simple phrase: “Exceed Expectations.” Every day the company strives to exceed the expectations of our clients, our partners and our residents.

Jetstream Communities was formed by Rick Craig and Tom Campbell after recognizing a void in the RV market. Jetstream Communities is a full-service RV park operations company with a comprehensive focus on quality. Jetstream Communities offers management services as well as development advisory services to help clients confidently see their vision through development to reality.


Since inception in 2020, Jetstream Communities now offers management, development advisory or a combination of services to 4 owner groups. Across the board, Jetstream Communities has 340 sites under management with another 650 sites in the development stage that will be managed after construction has been realized. With services engaged for 5 developments in 3 major Texas markets – Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and Houston – Jetstream Communities has proven its value from a resident’s perspective and the owner’s bottom line. The services offered by Jetstream Communities is unmatched in this asset class, the “a la carte” nature of the development advisory services allows the owner to off-load the entire development process or selectively spend capital and focus on areas that may require expertise outside of their wheelhouse.