Mission Statement

Our core values are personified by one simple phrase: “Exceed expectations.”  Every day the company strives to exceed the expectations of our clients, our partners and your residents. 

Company Description

Jetstream Communities was formed in 2020 by Rick Craig and Tom Campbell after recognizing a void in the RV market.  Rick’s affiliated company, CityStreet Residential (CSRP) is an experienced, highly regarded real estate firm that specializes in the acquisition, development and operation of multifamily real estate properties. The company has a stellar reputation in the multifamily community and strives to be a leader in Class A multifamily development.  Prior to CSRP stepping into the RV park development space, Rick partnered with a friend in developing one-off RV parks and resorts.  When Rick decided to bring the business in-house to CSRP, CSRP spent two years studying the RV park market and industry before beginning development of their first RV resort, Jetstream RV Resort at Nasa.  It was apparent to CSRP that the RV park industry was very fragmented in nearly every aspect, including ownership, management, development and construction.  CSRP raised the bar for RV parks when developing Jetstream RV Resort at Nasa.  After a year of operations, it was clear to CSRP they could also raise the bar on the operations and management of the property by doing it themselves.  Combined with Tom’s wealth of experience in RV park management, it was a natural progression to form their own full-service management company, Jetstream Communities.  Furthermore, Tom is an RV’er himself, which provides him a tremendous amount of insight into the RV’er demographic and what’s important to them.

Jetstream Communities is a full-service RV park operations company with a comprehensive focus on quality. Jetstream Communities manages CSRP’s RV resorts and offers third-party management as well.  Jetstream Communities also offers development consulting services to help clients confidently see their vision through development to reality.  Additionally, Jetstream Communities is a licensed RV and RV Park Model (Tiny Home) dealer and offers financing through its affiliated company.