Results-Oriented Returns

Jetstream Communities brings a tremendous amount of value to a property through its experience and leveraging of its relationships. Jetstream Communities understands the nuances of the industry as well as the demographic profile of the guests and residents, which allows Jetstream Communities to provide best-in-class, targeted customer service. Jetstream Communities offers a full range of services, including:

All Operating Systems, including:

  • Forms and Agreements: RV parks should be operated more like the hospitality industry than the multifamily rental industry in that guests do not sign leases, but rather sign guest agreements. We have a standard guest agreement form we use. We also have our standard park rules and regulations, which we will review with ownership and modify as necessary.
  • Accounting: We have the accounting software in place as well as back office support. We provide monthly financial statements, trailing financial statements, budget comparisons, etc.
  • Reporting: We have the reporting software in place. We can produce daily, weekly and monthly reports on occupancy, projected occupancy, income, etc.
  • Reservations: We have the reservations software in place, which allows guests to book sites, golf cart rentals, internet subscriptions and other premiums online, and more.
  • Budgeting: We have a thorough knowledge of operating RV parks and of what income and expenses should be. We will develop a detailed operating budget and review with ownership.
  • Employees: Through our relationships in the industry and our reputation as a first-class operator, we have a broad network for finding high quality employees. These on-site employees will receive training and oversight from the regional manager, who will also be closely involved in the property operations. Our corporate office has a human resources department to handle all aspects of employment, including payroll taxes and compliance with laws, and we offer a benefits package for our full-time employees. Unlike some management companies who push the owner to be the employer because they do not have the capability to handle the burden of being the employer, we as the management company, are the employer of the on-site employees. Additionally, unique to RV parks are work campers who provide services in exchange for discounted rent. We will consider the combination of work campers and employees in order to maximize property operations efficiency at the lowest expense.
  • Marketing: Poorly executed marketing can be ineffective and expensive. We take a multi-faceted approach to marketing, including grass roots / local marketing and online marketing, which is critical to the success of a park. We will shop the competitive properties and conduct market studies to understand who the park’s demographic is and how to direct the marketing. Based on this research, we will also suggest rates to ownership as well as adjust rates as necessary to be competitive and maximize revenue. We have relationships with leading digital marketing companies and will work closely with them in developing quantitative, digital marketing campaigns.
  • Property Sales: Through our extensive experience developing and selling properties, we understand how buyers and buyer’s lenders analyze and underwrite purchases. We understand how to best maximize the value of a property and position it for sale. We have relationships with many real estate brokers and can solicit BOV’s (broker opinions of value) and offer recommendations to ownership.
  • Property Taxes: We understand that property tax assessments are a constant battle and is something we contend with on our own properties. We study the market and competitive properties to better understand where assessed values are and where they should be. We have relationships with property tax consultants and attorneys and can offer recommendations to ownership.
  • Relationships: We have relationships with vendors, service providers, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, marketing companies, general contractors and more. Through these relationships and with our industry knowledge, we can secure the best pricing and customer service for items such as electricity, propane, ice, pool maintenance, pond maintenance, landscaping and maintenance, general repairs, etc. We can also make recommendations on insurance brokers to ownership.
  • Construction Upgrades and Value-Add Additions: We have an affiliated general contracting company who has extensive relationships with subcontractors. Through our GC and our own relationships, we know the best people to contact for various property upgrades or construction projects.
  • Golf Cart Rentals: Our goal is to maximize revenue, which is achieved not just through RV space rentals, but through “premiums” or additional services as well, including golf cart rentals. We have a relationship with one of the country’s largest golf cart wholesalers, and we’re able to purchase golf carts for our parks at favorable prices.
  • RV & RV Park Model / Tiny Home Sales and Rentals: We are a licensed dealer for certain RV manufacturers and therefore have purchasing power through these manufacturers. If ownership is interested in purchasing RV’s or RV park models to sell or lease to guests, we are fully capable of the entire process from acquiring the RV’s / park models to selling and/or leasing them to guests.